Green Menu launched alongside main menu

The Selkirk Arms Hotel in Kirkcudright is set to launch a dedicated vegetarian and vegan menu to run alongside the current two offerings of Pub Grub and Posh Nosh. 

Hotel owner Chris Walker said “ There has been a huge growth in Vegetarian and Vegan demand over the last few years, meat eaters too are opting to enjoy the variety of tastes and textures in vegetarian offerings so we have decided to add a Green menu to run in conjunction with our Bar lounge, bistro and restaurant menus”

Head Chef Ryan Millar, who has been with the hotel just over a year now said “we want everyone to enjoy the menu, it’s exciting and something we need to offer to the growing number of non meat eaters. Of course we’ll have our usual delicious local beef and game on the menu in order to offer as wider choice as we can. “

Some of the new dishes include :

Tatties Bravas

tomato salsa | tortilla | aioli (VE) £5

Red Onion & Potato Frittata

Goats cheese | rocket | sun blushed tomatoes £6

Soup of the day

bread | butter (VE)  £4.95

Marinated Olives

hummus | rustic bread | oil & balsamic (VE) £5

~ ~ ~ 

Asian Inspired Veggie Burger

brioche bun | cucumber mayo | tomato relish | chips £13

Nasi Goreng

wok fried vegetables | rice | roasted cashews | fried egg (VE) £14


wild mushrooms | seasonal vegetables | parmesan crisp| pine nuts (VE) £14

Vegetarian Haggis

mash | roast veggies | grain mustard sauce (VE) £9


Fruit Salad

sorbet (VE) £5

Caramelised Pineapple

coconut rum soup | passion fruit sorbet (VE) £6

Baked Apple

raisins | pecans | maple syrup | cassis sorbet (VE) £5

Please allow 20 min cooking time