A beachcomber’s guide to the Solway


Here’s a link to a lovely downloadable booklet produced by the Solway Firth Partnership called ” Strandline”


Essentially it’s a guide to what you may find on the strand line marks of a turning tide from Seaweeds and creatures torn up from below the waves as well as the debris often washed down rivers or washed from storm tossed ships. It os worth downloading or getting hold of a print copy before you head off to wander the beautiful shoreline here in Dumfries and Galloway. So as I was popping the link up for the booklet I thought I should tell you of my top 5 beaches for you to visit when you come to Kirkcudbright.

1. Kirkcudbright’s very own – ” THE DHOON” – less than 2 miles from the hotel a wonderful stretch of sandy beach and a grassy park / picnic area – great for the kids


2. Mossyard – heading towards Newton Stewart from Kirkcudbright it’s about 2 miles the other side of Gatehouse of Fleet – 12 miles from the hotel – very child friendly


3, Carrick Shore – A sheltered little bay with plenty of picnic stops along and around it – tucked away you’ll need to have a look at the map on the link below


4. Sandyhills – here’s a lovely beach, when the sun is blazing in the sky this beach and the coastline along it takes on a real southern France feel – about 40 minutes from the hotel but super for a day out and plenty of coastal walks around and about


5. Brighouse Bay – can be breezy as it really is a tight bay and the breeze can funnel in – popular with dog walkers so great to let the dogs have a really good run when the tide is out. About 10 minutes from the hotel – do be aware of the tides – they can race in pretty quickly around these parts.



To find out more about the Solway Firth Partnership visit their web site hereĀ http://www.solwayfirthpartnership.co.uk


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